Intermediate Level Recitation Course

Reader gets aware of the basic tajweed rules and proper articulations of alphabets and vowels in Basic Level Qaidah Course.

Now, the reader is ready to read the Quran. This is familiar in general as the Nazra Course. With gradual process the reader is given the practice of recitation. New required rules are introduced with commencement of lessons. Initially the reader may stuck and read with regular pauses but as the course progresses he/she would be able to recite with regular recurrences.

The course would be initiated with the small chapters from last part of Quran and then gradually moving on with practice and rules memorization.

Course Duration: 1.5-2 years (According to the lesson coverage by the student as per his/her ability the duration may vary from student to student)

P.S.: Lesson notes, plans and details will be provided to the enrolled students from time to time appropriately insha Allah.