A teacher must in all respects show him/herself to be a model of good works, and in his/her teaching must be reflected is integrity, dignity, and sound speech that cannot be condemned, so that the learner may not find anything objectionable to say about. Our objective is to educate and train up a child in the way he/she should continue; even when he/she is not with us he/she may not depart from it inshaAllah.

With the understanding of the above phenomenon we are offering our services not as any other generic product or service as a means of trade but to educate the generations*. Definitely, like all works and stuffs there are certain expenses to be bore when imparting such services. So, with the inception of onlinequranguide.com we had a certain measure of expenses and remunerations required for the supporting staff to vest their time and energies in acting as “Guides” to Quran. All these needs shaping up to be the situation of necessity and the saying of the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessing of Allah be upon him as recorded in Sahih Al-Bukhari that “The most lawful thing for which you receive payment is the Book of Allah” have made us to set an amount for monthly packages as per the number of days to be learned by a student in a week.

Following are the monthly package plans according to the number of days selected by the student;

Package Days(30 minutes lesson each) PKR $USD £ (AUD/CAD) (AED/SAR)
A 1 3000 50 40 40 60 250
B 2 4000 70 60 60 80 300
C 3 5000 90 80 80 100 350
D 4 6000 110 100 100 120 400
E 5 8500 130 120 120 140 450
F 6 10,000 150 140 140 160 600

Students are requested to pay in the currency of the country they are based in – e.g. US students should pay in USD ($), Canada students in CAD, Australia students in AUD, UK students in GBP (£) etc.