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Online Quran Learning Classes with Tajweed in Arabic for Beginners; Kids & Adults.

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People may be unaware of how this online Quran learning classes will work. For the convenience and experience of the prospective students we have kept a schedule of three free online trial lesson.

What is Online Quran Learning?

We offer the Quran learning with the traditional methods inculcated with the technological advancements during our time. The state of the art technology helps us in delivering the Quranic disciplines with the same effectivity. 

Post Evaluation Feedback

Once the student experience our use of technology, teaching and human skills of the Quran Guide and the apppropriate utilization of the learning material and resources; the student may register for any course.

Also, the Quran Guide after the free online trial lessons, gauge the student’s level of understanding and guide the student to register with the course level appropriate with his or her understanding. 



we are offering our services not as any other generic product or service as a means of trade but to educate the generations*. Definitely, like all works and stuffs there are certain expenses to be bore when imparting such services. So, with the inception of we had a certain measure of expenses and remunerations required for the supporting staff to vest their time and energies in acting as “Guides” to Quran.

Main Course Offerings

We are Experts in Teaching Online

Arabic Comprehension

Like any other language grammar is an important and essential aspect of learning Arabic. Learning the Arabic Syntax and Morphology requires 8 – 12 months normally.

Quran Reading – Qaidah / Recitation(Nazra)

We have formulated a three level Quran reading course. In each of the levels the student would be given the rules of reading and reciting the Quran.


This course is designed to give knowledge of the Quran. The revealing reason, time & event for the Chapter or the verse. And  its teachings and commandments.

Basic Understanding

The course carries the basic understanding of the Islamic Creed, Faith, Exegesis and it’s principles, Hadith and it’s principles, Jurisprudence, Family jurisprudence, Morals, & Heart Softners.

Ready to Enroll your kid?

We here at Online Quran Guide provide your kids with the best available resources to learn the Quran online and tray to make our online classes as interactive as we can. All of this with the ease of access and the comfort of home and security for your kid. To learn more about our services, please go to courses section.